Alternative Dispute Resolution

Raiff Representation is a settlement focused law firm. We strive to come up with creative solutions for all of our clients prior to the initiation of a formal litigation suit or as an alternative attempt to resolve the matter outside of court. Raiff Representation has many resources available to help you consider whether an alternative method of dispute resolution is right for you.

Should you determine that an alternative dispute resolution strategy has a high potentiality of accomplishing your goals and alleviating you from ongoing litigation, Raiff Representation promises to provide you with all the support and information you need for us to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Are you considering mediation? Would you like to send a cease and desist or demand letter? Would you like to memorialize settlement terms in an executed Settlement Agreement? Raiff Representation has handled a wide variety of matters that allows them to have a unique perspective that may lead to a resolution in a contentious relationship.

Contact Raiff Representation to discuss your arbitration, settlement correspondence, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution needs.

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