Civil Litigation

It is important to understand how Arizona’s statutes and case law protect business owners. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, working with a team that understands the realities, expenses, and potential upsides and downsides of initiating or defending a civil litigation suit can help you make the right decision under pressure. Raiff Representation helps companies and individuals understand and negotiate potential resolutions in a civil dispute and is always prepared to elevate such a matter to the appropriate court process.

Our firm is also here to discuss and initiate all acceptable and efficient litigation or settlement resolution strategies based in our consideration of protecting your objectives and long-term goals.

Do you need assistance with a civil litigation matter? Are you in the process of initiating or defending you or your business in a dispute with another party? Are you thinking about preparing pleadings or motions that will ask for proper restitution that may include an award for attorneys’ fees and costs?Managing allegations and claims can be difficult territory to navigate on your own, both as a plaintiff or defendant.

If you are looking for an experienced civil litigation attorney to help with the defending or initiating a civil litigation matter, Raiff Representation is here to work with you across any stage of the litigation process.

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